My Quest For Weight Loss: 5 Exercise Excuses That I Encountered

About a year back, I set out on a mission to shed twenty pounds. I am in my early forties and have never been a fitness freak. But when I finally made my decision, I was determined to gain back my curvy figure come what may. But things aren’t so simple, are they?

Being the carefree girl that I am, I found it extremely difficult to follow a fitness schedule. My body and mind started offering silly excuses that kept me away from the treadmill. I decided to list down the most common excuses encountered by me over the past year. Check them out – you may find them familiar.

Excuse #1: “I’m too busy.”

I enjoyed doing a variety of activities but exercising didn’t feature among them. I preferred shopping, listening to music, cooking or watching television. Finally, I fought hard with myself and managed to prioritize and set aside an hour for my fitness routines. That’s the first step I took on my road to weight-loss.

Excuse #2: “I don’t have an exercise partner.”

After I decided to exercise, I was looking out for a training partner who would keep me motivated. Since most of my friends were already miles ahead of me in terms of fitness routines, I found that they weren’t good as training partners.

I was tempted to join a gym and hire a trainer. But things didn’t work out because I did not like the trainer or the ambience at the gym closest to my house. As a result, I relied on Youtube and other fitness resources to arrive at cardio/strength training exercises that I could perform at the convenience of my home.

Excuse #3: “I just returned from a tiring day at office.”

I work for a company that specializes in promotional products. My work involves a lot of writing and this leaves me mentally zapped. I leave office with the intention to do a couple of exercises at home. But as soon as I spot the couch, I spread myself on it and watch my favorite soap, keeping my exercises for another day.

I resolved this issue by waking up a little earlier than I usually do to perform exercises first thing in the morning.

Excuse #4: “It’s difficult.”

Even though most of the exercise routines that I chose looked pretty simple, I found it difficult to actually perform them. I could walk the treadmill with ease but anything else appeared difficult.

I then had to mentally condition myself.  It was simple – I looked around and saw the fit women around me. I then looked at my plump figure in the mirror and prepared myself for the hard days ahead.

Excuse #5: “I can’t skip the food I love!”

It’s a fact that I love to gorge on my favorite food, especially pizzas and cheese burgers. Initially, I found it hard to follow a balanced diet to complement my exercises. I then realized that the key to a proper diet is not giving up my favorite food but having it in moderation and a timely manner.

I have now lost 9 pounds and I am halfway near my final target. I encounter these excuses every now and then but I am now mentally stronger to face them.

Author the author – Susan Smith is the Online Marketing & Sales Manager at Promo Direct, a firm offering quality promotional products to a diverse range of businesses across America. Promo Direct also offers a range of fitness promotional products that will serve as the perfect giveaways for customers and employees.

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